Local Agencies

From locally funded projects to MDOT’s Local Agency Program (LAP), project-specific funding drives the composition of the contract documents, including drawings, construction specifications, and engineering cost estimates.

City projects can vary from simple road resurfacing to full-depth pavement reconstruction with utility replacement. LRE has the design capabilities and experience to accommodate our clients’ projects. We will work closely with the community to develop a collaborative team that understands the project goals and community success factors.

Our firm has the following MDOT prequalifications:
Design — Hydraulics
Design — Hydraulics II
Design — Roadway
Design — Roadway: Intermediate
Design — Utilities: Municipal



The LRE team has experience working with communities with the following services:

  • Water main design including ductile iron installation and bore-and-jack operation
  • Storm sewer design including storm sewer system sizing and best management practices
  • Sanitary sewer design including bore-and-jack operation and deep sewer installation (30+ feet)
  • Local roadway design including HMA, concrete, curb and gutter, sidewalk and ADA ramps
  • Site plan review based on local standards and ordinances
  • Landscape architecture


road commissions

LRE’s rapport with county staff have opened opportunities for building relationships with road commissions in addition to drain offices. Our knowledge of the counties we serve proves to be an asset when working with the transportation side as well.

The LRE project team has experience in the following areas working with county road commissions:

  • Road resurfacing design including full-depth reconstruction and resurfacing
  • Roundabout design including single-lane standard and compact roundabouts
  • Drainage design including open-channel flow, storm sewer, and culvert design
  • Maintenance of traffic including lane closures, detours, and construction signing

The services listed above are not all-encompassing. Each project has its own unique characteristics that may not be encountered on the next project.

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